Another week, another update from Fundi Finance on protocol design and development. We’re taking you from the basics through to understanding Fundi Finance’s intentions with these systems. So, let’s waste no time and dive straight into the world of NFT’s and fractional ownership.

First things first, what is an NFT?

Fundi Finance is pleased to announce phase one of NFT integration is going live soon with our very own NFT DROP The Degen Ape Legends. The collection will compress of 2d Cards, 4k animated cards, live story and actor voice over, tee shirt merchandise and much more. …

The word Fundi is South African for professional, skilled, expert or technician. With Fundi Finance this is exactly the kind of products and services we strive to provide; skilled and professional finance.

Fundi Finance is a decentralized protocol with a governing board that boasts a comprehensive industry background related to…

Hi Fundi Fam,

Just a quick write-up to inform all of some updates on social media platforms. All the Fundi community can now enjoy Fundi news updates on YOUTUBE and TIKTOK.

If reading is not the best option for you and you want to listen about the Fundi protocol rather than read about we have you covered.

Check out Fundi latest YOUTUBE video and channel here

If you sort of person who prefers short visual presentations with audio then Fundi TIKTOK is the place for you. You can enjoy a short video about the Fundi protocol here

Hi Fundi Fam,

Today was a big day for Fundi Finance with DAO token FF going live on on We are happy to report a clean successful launch no BOTS, no exploits it was just amazing.

The team have really worked hard to get us here and its great to see the DAO go live. We are also pleased to announce LP mining is also live for FF/BUSD LP pairs, currently the rewards are nice and high we wanted to make it attractive to our early supporters.

Here is a link to LP rewards pool on DODO.

Hi Fundi fam,

The crowdpooling on DODO exchange ends in 50 minutes, the first 100 LP providers after crowdpooling ends will be eligible to share a 2000FF reward structure. The rewards will be manually transferred at the end of each week to each qualifying wallet address.

1) To qualify you have to Deposit FF/BUSD or FF/BNB as LP to DODO DEX.

2) You have to keep the liquidity there for 7 days at a time to receive a share of rewards on day 7.
3) This will continue for 2/3 weeks while staking dapps receive another audit and final touches.

Well, it’s been a busy time in the Fundi world, and one of the areas the team has been working on over the last few months is the Degen Apes NFT concept. The NFT concept has grown extensively over the last months, from 4k collectible cards to NFT books and a defi system using NFT’s. Amazingly Fundi team did not stop there and now has some super bullish news; it seems all the hard work has been catching the eye of another group. 3C Boardgames is a game designing company created by once Ranked Civilization gamer Jasen Lakic.

Jasen and his team have been in talks with Fundi over a merge for several weeks now, and we have a good deal of the news to report.

Would you please read the link on the merge Here!Ase6OFZREJGOpEkvYSVQIR9hdo12?e=iwP5jG

It’s been a busy few months at Fundi Finance, so we thought we would give another roundup review. Let our favorite guys and gals know what is going on in the METAVERSE…..Oops, I may have given one clue away already…

So what have the Fundi Fam been up to? Let’s…

Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised finance protocol with a governing board. LP farming, single asset staking, tokenisation of real estate, lending and borrowing.

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