Fundi Finance Governance System.

The Fundi Finance is a decentralised governance system designed to be open to innovation and public idea. Thou protocol has a >CORE TEAM< and founders which make up a governing board. The governing board do not have total control, nor direction of protocol. Every protocol decision the moment FF token is publicly launched will be voted on by holders of FF token.

Another genius idea of the board has been to increase board number as protocol develops by offering unique positions on the board to community investors. Fundi finance intentions is to have a board of 15 and with 6 places open to this program. To qualify community investors will have to fulfil some of a number of requirements. Which are :

To have proposed more than one successful proposal.

To have Voted on proposal governance development.

To hold a yet undisclosed amount of FF token.

To have a skill set and time needed for protocol development.

Governance Token

Fundi Finances governance token FF (FUNDI Token), has a fixed total supply of 80,000 tokens no more can ever be produced which makes it more secure from mis intentions of hackers, misconduct or incompetence. Additionally, the Fundi Finance Wallet will be a multi sig wallet, further securing all investor’s funds and protocol. FF token will give all holders the following utilities.

· propose motions to the board.

· vote on ALL board motions.

· Rewards in PYI (passive yield Income) It will be beneficial to HODL.

Why share governance?

As a founding board member with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry, Fundi Finance understands the allure and success of a decentralized governance. Fundi Finance’s vision is to revolutionize this space by allowing every Fundi token holder to play a KEY part in the mechanics of our governance protocol.

Voting rights will be,

1–1, 1 Fundi token = 1 Voting right.

Not only will Fundi Finance give all investors a voice and vote, but Fundi governance system encourages all and will be sure set to find its Shining Stars.

What Will Governance Involve?

The fully implemented protocol of Fundi Finance is an ambitious idea. It will take time and innovation to roll out a business plan that includes tokenization of entire real estate projects. Other ideas are rewarding liquidity suppliers and lending digital assets.

Everything will be governed by the entire decentralized community and the board. Governance will involve the management of all ecosystems! Fundi Finance will be a decentralised crowd funding open-sourced, digital and financial investment protocol.

Why Decentralised Governance?

The birth of decentralised finance has really opened the globe and financial industries. The ways and means of raising funds or attracting the interest of investors has and is ever changing. Decentralised finance has proven that by bringing the investment level right down to everyday people, it can be extremely beneficial for all stakeholders, since protocols have the capability to raising huge amounts of funds very quickly and at little cost.

With a decentralised governance a protocol no longer needs borrow from expensive banks or creditors. It eliminates the traditional ‘need’ for expensive overhead, corporate offices, large inadequate human resources, amongst other outdated tangible requirements and expenses.

Governance of the protocol can be run by multiple people an entire community even and from various jurisdictions across the globe. Our protocol is NOT bound by borders, high financial obligations, languages or time zones. The protocol is a global community of multiple jurisdictions that can achieve efficient production and development around the clock 24/7.

The core team vision is for frictionless governance, a true democracy that democratically votes by holding FF token and interests are to achieve best for the protocol and community investor interests.



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Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised crowd funding portal for real estate on blockchain. Defi for tangible assets, tokenisation of real estate.