Fundi Finance Lottery Update

We are pleased to announce we a new lotto system that will be introduced next week, this lotto system is the final design and will be here to stay.

The Fundi Team have been designing a system to include house token CRA and a burn mechanism to add deflationary measures to the CRA ecosystem.

🔸Lotto will now be played using CRA token 🚀🚀🚀🚀, 1 lotto ticket =5 CRA .

🔸Yes user can buy as many lotto tickets as they like in multiples of 5 CRA — 1 Ticket

🔸75% of CRA collected will be put to a jackpot paying 1 jackpot winner 50%, 5 runner up at 25% shared, WAIT FOR IT!!! The remaining 25% will be BURNED 🚀🚀.

❇️Fundi Finance has made the follow wallets ready:

lotto wallet 0x875677B15557E94D3eB43e8Ebb68CCdD47c6F2d0

burn wallet 0xbE29253d221cd1662f6Dd252076671d6B82E0165

all transactions of the lotto will be accounted making a traceable and transparent experience for community and investors.

Users can now play lotto raffle with CRA, whilst create a natural deflationary step to the CRA financial system.

How to enter lotto draw ?

Simple user will deposit CRA to the lotto wallet address 0x875677B15557E94D3eB43e8Ebb68CCdD47c6F2d0 , every 5 CRA a user deposits user will receive one entry to the lotto.

A random picker app will chose 1 jackpot winner and 5 runner ups.

The particular burn mechanism for the lotto raffle will be a basic manual operation 25% of each draw will be sent to a wallet with a sole purpose to collect CRA tokens that will be sent to the FURNACE and BURNT, gone forever.



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Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised crowd funding portal for real estate on blockchain. Defi for tangible assets, tokenisation of real estate.