Official Fundi Finance Community Announcement.

Fundi Finance Official Announcement

Fundi Finance would like to inform community that there will be a withdraw on private sale smart contract for expansion of development in legal and product development. The withdraw will be made with the next 5 days, the private sales will remain open until allocations are gone there is no need for alarm on the withdraw this is the official announcement to clarify the ACTIONS are by Fundi Team.

The withdraw will be used for:

1. Current legal fees and progress in business set up in Georgia, the law firm MG LAW has made good process and has now moved on to final phase 3. Phase 3 will include the launch of the LTD company Fundi Finance and bank accountant set up to handle FIAT and DIGITAL Transactions.

2. Further development and expansion of Fundi NFT’s, launching of the Fundi Loyalty NFT cards “Degen Ape Legends Series”.

3. Seek partnership and development of NFT KYC PASSPORT.

If any of community would like more info or have question regarding any matter, please come to our TG

Regards Fundi Team



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Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised crowd funding portal for real estate on blockchain. Defi for tangible assets, tokenisation of real estate.