Rewarding Early LP providers

Hi Fundi fam,

The crowdpooling on DODO exchange ends in 50 minutes, the first 100 LP providers after crowdpooling ends will be eligible to share a 2000FF reward structure. The rewards will be manually transferred at the end of each week to each qualifying wallet address.

1) To qualify you have to Deposit FF/BUSD or FF/BNB as LP to DODO DEX.

2) You have to keep the liquidity there for 7 days at a time to receive a share of rewards on day 7.
3) This will continue for 2/3 weeks while staking dapps receive another audit and final touches.



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Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised crowd funding portal for real estate on blockchain. Defi for tangible assets, tokenisation of real estate.