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Fundi Finance
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The word Fundi is South African for professional, skilled, expert or technician. With Fundi Finance this is exactly the kind of products and services we strive to provide; skilled and professional finance.

Fundi Finance is a decentralized protocol with a governing board that boasts a comprehensive industry background related to real-estate, finance, cryptocurrency, and trading. Fundi Finance protocol is all about decentralized investor/community governance, that is shared with a founding board.

The Fundi Finance board will be a combination of founders and community investors.

Our governance token will entitle ALL holders to:

· propose motions to the board.

· vote on ALL board motions.

· Rewards in PYI (passive yield Income) It will be beneficial to HODL.

Our industry leading initiative is to share governance with our investors using a transparent treasury and governance system. Fundi Finance’s ingenious idea is to open several board positions for investors. The Fundi board is excited about this aspect of our governance.

What is Fundi Finances Protocol?

The Fundi Finance protocol offers financial services of DeFi, CeFi and ReFi under a decentralized governing board that shares voting power to governance token holders. Our protocol will also offer products for open-sourced crowd funding and introduce ReFi to the world. When the Fundi team refers to ReFi we are talking about “Real-Estate backed finance”

What is ReFi and how does it work?

When the fundi team speaks about ReFi, we are talking about real-estate backed digital finance.

One of our foremost protocol goals is a radical idea of legally binding NFT and security tokens that represent a share of tangible assets such as real-estate, art, commodities, shares, land, and potentially other highly sought-after tangible assets.

Not only do we want to tokenize general real estate, but Fundi Finance will also tokenize the total development from purchase of land to the final product. Our governance token will allow voting on every aspect along the way including the choice of land/development, contractors, final product, wholesale with fixed return income (FRI) %APR or rental with PYF %APR reward functionality.

How will rewards work on ReFi side?

Rewards will work like most other protocol systems in short, an investor will deposit digital assets such BUSD/BNB in exchange for reward returns in BUSD…. For example, Fundi releases an ISO/ICO for a $1 million development, this would have been estimated by senior estimator and commercial lead as the cost for total development, (purchase land and cost of development). After completion of this project, the board and community vote to sell the development which could be worth $1.8 million (or more). The $800,000 profit minus fees will be rewarded back the investors as a representation to their share of token received from presale. The Fundi team receive NO rewards back from the profit, this will be distributed as 100% investor income. What if the board and community decide not to sell? What other revenues are there? There is no pressure to sell as investors will have option of Passive Yield Income (PYI), on rental income.

Fundi Finance 2 Native Tokens.

The real-estate market size increased in 2019. The size of the professionally managed global Real Estate investment market increased from $8.9 trillion in 2018 to $9.6 trillion in 2019. Fundi Finance TVL could easily reach the $100’s of millions. Is it possible to provide enough liquidity for protocol through a governance token with a total supply of 80,000? In short, no its not, therefore Fundi Finance will be launching not 1 but 2 tokens. Our second token s a liquidity token that will help relieve the stress and pressure demanded by huge real estate projects. We appreciate this will be needed to be fully liquid across our protocol ecosystem for investor interests.

Fundi Token (FF), is Fundi Finances governance token. Its purpose will be to represent governing power within the protocol. This will be achieved by giving holders of FF token VOTING POWER on every decision and treasury action. FF token will also give a passive income later in the protocol with rewards paid to holders and liquidity providers of FF token. Rewards will be generated from a clever tax system generated from use of Fundi Finances DeFi,CeFi and ReFi services.

FF Tokenomics

15% team allocation and protocol development,(of which 10% will be locked for 6 months).

50% Reward farming incentives (LP and SINGLE asset).

5% public presale.

2% private team sale.

5% marketing.

3% community reward incentives.

20% liquidity for PCS and reserves.

Farming & Staking allocation

A total of 40,000 FF tokens will be allocated to community liquidity farming where investors can supply liquidity in a pool to receive FF token rewards. More information will be in our whitepaper published soon.

Contract Address FF Token

Utility/Liquidity Token Creation (CRA)

Fundi Finance created a digital utility token to use inside the protocol. With Fundi protocol being ambitious and dealing in assets both digital and centralised finance a utility token was needed to achieve fully liquidity. CRA token will be used as a digital bridge between projects and provide action as digital funds in areas such as payments, fees, rewards, partnerships.

CRA Tokenomics.

TOTAL SUPPLY 150,000,000

10% private sale 15,000,000 tokens

10% public sale 15,000,000 tokens

2% marketing 3,000,000

13% protocol 19,500,000

5% community incentives 7,500,000

50% Liquidity rewards 75,000,000

10% Reserved liquidity PCS 15,000,000

Contract Address CRA Token

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Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance is a decentralised crowd funding portal for real estate on blockchain. Defi for tangible assets, tokenisation of real estate.